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Principle of Anti-mosquito and Appealing

   Sensitive to or attracted to certain types of light, while they strongly dislike other types of light

   Have different phototactic responses to different wavelengths of light

   Light of various wavelengths to attract or repel mosquitos
       Move toward:Blue light, wavelengths <500nm
       Move away:Light with wavelengths > 500nm, especially≧560nm
             Light avoidance, disoriented flight and decreased vitality

   Developed a highly effective mosquito repellent spectrum, and the effective repellency rate exceeds 91.5%
       RICO special spectrum technology
       Collaborated with the mosquito biology experts team from South China Agricultural University

   The LED anti-mosquito lamps emit amber-colored light, which generates a large amount of light that mosquitoes dislike,
           and achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes
      Does not contain high-energy blue and ultraviolet light, which causes harmless to people and environment
      The safest and most efficient physical mosquito repellent products available   

More Information

Color Contrast:Blue 0.1 – 0.3 %
Note:Fluorescent powder coating outside the lamp which blue color 5% on Color Contrast is a very less efficiency to anti-mosquito